Trading Relationship Places

Few couples can survive a long term relationship if they have little or no empathy for their partner, so it makes sense of those who have made a commitment to occasionally understand in-depth how their partner feels. Trading relationship places is one of the ways two people can get a glimpse into the relationship as their partner sees it, and doing it every few years can make their lives much better. Trading places is not about control, it is about understanding the burden each person has within the relationship.

Couples who find the daily grind is difficult often believe their partner has no understanding of what they go through to make life together work, and this is the best time to make the trade. If one person is in charge of running all the errands, they should let their partner do it for a few days or weeks. The partner who before did not understand how much work it took might suddenly see how difficult it can be, and they will be able to help ease the burden in the future.

Paying bills has always been a challenge for many couples, and usually one person is in charge of getting it done. This is one of the major areas where most partners have disagreements, so giving the person who spends rather than pays the burden of doing the work can open a whole new window of understanding between them. Paying bills is never fun, and the person who suddenly has to manage the money will find their spending habits can create chaos for the person who normally makes it a seamless chore.

Trading places within a relationship is not about giving up roles or asking for favors, so it should not be a competition between the two. It is about learning how each person functions within the relationship, and the result should be more empathy between the pair.