Making Relationships Work


Learning How to Live Together

When a relationship progresses enough, people often decide it is best to move in together. Some of them may be married, but the trend to live together first has gained a great deal of popularity in recent decades. This is seen as a way for two people to find out if they can make enough adjustments and compromises as a couple to survive a lifelong marriage. Rather than committing to each other in a legal way, the couple makes a lesser commitment that allows them the opportunity to leave without the distress of going through a divorce.

Living together without marriage was first seen as a way to acquire the benefits of marriage without the burdens of a commitment. Modern society now sees it as a way to avoid costly divorces, and it has gained acceptance in many areas. No one can know everything they need to know about a person until they have seen them at their best, their worst and their most boring. Living together before marriage gives a couple a good idea if they are really suited to each other or if it would be best to end the relationship.