Partners Changed by Relationships

One of the reasons relationships end is because one person suddenly feels they no longer know who they are, and they want to take time to rediscover themselves. This is often a consequence of trying to fit into the life of their partner, and they have made too many personal changes. Rather than holding on to the core of who they are, they have chosen to become the person their partner wants. They feel this lack of authenticity in their life, and it is a disaster for the relationship. They have become a doormat for another person, and their self-respect has often taken a nearly fatal blow.

Getting into another relationship is difficult for a person trying to get back to who they used to be, and they need time before making any commitments to others. This is a process without a time schedule, and it is often a longer journey than most people realize when they begin. The need to find a partner for intimacy may lead them down the wrong road, and they might suffer through another bad relationship. It is easy to avoid this by choosing a fuck buddy who will not ask for or expect a commitment.

Intimate needs are an important part of adult life, and satisfying them does not have to be part of a relationship. Online searches make it easy to find someone for local sex, and it is up to those involved to decide how often they will meet. Some people find fuck buddies this way, and they get their needs satisfied while not worrying about pleasing another person in a close relationship.

Few people go through their entire life without doubts about themselves or their relationships with others. Feeling lost as a person is common, and some couples can give each other space to work out their problems while remaining a couple. For those who cannot stay together, there are now more options that will keep a person single until they are ready for a good relationship.