Making Relationships Work


Personal Habits and Relationships

Everyone has their own set of personal habits, and these can sometimes unwittingly destroy a relationship. Two people in a relationship, trying to learn to live together, must be willing to change some of their habits for the relationship to continue. While these habits may be endearing at first, they might take a toll on a partner in the long run. Few people recognize their own habits as being annoying, but they need to be open to suggestion if they want to remain with their loved one.

Compromise is often the key to a good relationship, but there must also be a limit on it. While changing a few habits that might be annoying is a good thing, completely changing the way a person lives is bad for the relationship and the person making changes. If only one person has to change, it is time for both people to consider that they might not be right for each other and end the relationship before they both get hurt.