Making Relationships Work


Turning to Each Other

Life has its own share of challenges, and couples who are intent on a lifetime relationship find that turning to each other during bad times helps them grow closer. While whatever crisis they face might not get better, they feel the support of their partner when they lean on each other. It might make it easier for them to cope with the details or overall tragedy, and many couples have found that surviving it together gives them even more trust in their partner than ever before.

When bad times hit anyone, turning to a loved one for comfort and assistance is a natural act. For those in a relationship, their partner should be the first one they look to when they need help. That person should have as much invested in their life and future as they do, so knowing they can depend on their partner is paramount.

Every situation in life is different, and there might be times when their partner is unable to assist them. If the crisis is a severe injury or health issue their partner is attempting to survive, they might need family members or friends. Being the sole source of decision making in this scenario is difficult, but it is what they generally promised when they formed a relationship. They can seek advice from their own family and friends, and they should consider talking to their partner’s family too.

Leaning on another person is sometimes difficult, and letting them take control of a situation can be nearly impossible. For those who have made a commitment to another person for the future, it could be important for them to be able to trust that person will make the right choices. As long as both people can trust each other during the hard times, they should be able to easily weather the good times.